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Article that answers some of the most common questions that have been submitted to the online credit card comparsison site, www.creditcards121.com.

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What are credit cards?

Credit cards let you pay later for any purchase you make. In case of any sort of emergency or urgent situation, when you may not have cash to make payments, credit cards can be helpful. Credit cards are commonly used to get fuel for cars or buying products in a grocery store. You receive a statement at the end of each month. The statement tells you of the expenditures you have done using your credit card. It also mentions minimum balance, due date, fees, etc.

What is an additional cardholder?

An additional cardholder may be anyone from your family, aged above 18. He will also be issued a credit card. You can contact your credit card company if you wish to have an additional cardholder.

What is a balance transfer?

Balance transfer means the transferring of outstanding balances of credit cards from your current credit card company to another.

What should be done on losing a credit card?

If you happen to lose your credit card, you should inform the your bank as soon as possible, as there can be chances that some one may use your credit card and you end up paying for that too. Once you notify the bank, they at once cancel your credit card and issue you another credit card.

What is an APR?

APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is just a way of calculating cost of credit, measured as a yearly rate. You must know the APR that would be levied on your credit card before you decide to have one. All credit card companies have varying APRs. You have to see the one that suits you the best.

What is the way to choose a credit card?

This purely depends on your needs and situation. If you would be paying full bills then you need to take a credit card with a low annual fee and other charges. On the other hand, if you want to have a cash advance feature, you need to choose a credit card company with low APR. If you have any doubts and questions, always feel free to call up the credit card company.

What is the credit card grace period?

Credit card grace period is the period in which you can pay your credit card bills before the due date and avoid finance charges. You should be aware of the grace period in order to avoid any sort of finance charges.

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