Credit Card Deals and Family Life

It is difficult enough to talk about money when you are in love. You dream about children, house, and so on, but avoid talks about credit card bills and personal finances. However, this point is very important. Learn to trust your mate and be happy!

Being in love, you have got some sweet dreams and thoughts. You make plans about your house, garden, children, and so on. But couples usually avoid talks about finances, credit card deals, and bills.
Do you know that more than 35% of couples aren’t ready to share their financial secrets? A recent survey held by Engage Mutual has found that most couples wouldn’t like to discuss problems like credit bills and the amount of credit card spendings.
Going to start living with your loved one, you face this problem anyway. Habits of your mate including financial ones have a great impact on the relationships.
According to that research, couples have many financial secrets. Interestingly, those who have children hide their credit card debt more often than couples without kids.
Married cardholders hide the truth about their finances much more often in comparison with the other couples. It is oddly enough. Also men are not so secretive about their financial situation, while more than 40% of working women hide their credit debts compared to 22% of men.
So, what financial secrets couples are not likely to share? Firstly, it is the cost of luxury items. More than 40% of those surveyed point this problem out. About 30% of cardholders keep a secret of their credit card bills and statements. And 33% admit that they have secret money savings.
Perhaps, the problem is that people treat plastics in different ways. For some, one credit card is quite enough, while the others can’t live without a bunch of cash back plastics. Though the subject seems so delicate, it’s very essential to take steps towards the solution of this problem.
Follow these steps to prevent problems associated with credit card matters:
? Try to find out how your mate feels about money matters and credit cards. Financial habits of you dear one is of great importance for your future.
? Talk about money. Still, it’s not so difficult as it seems. Speak out your current ideas about credit card fees, and rates. If you carry a rewards credit card, you may discuss with your partner the way you are going to redeem the points.
? Consult with your partner before making credit card purchases. No need to tell about everything, but you can discuss the purchase of some big ticket item together.
? Join or separate credit accounts. This point is a big step that means a lot for both of you. You may think about joint account if your partner’s credit score is more favorable than yours.

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